The TAS-1

Hybrid Lift System

Innovating at the intersection of buoyancy and aerodynamics, Trident’s Hybrid Airships embody a groundbreaking composition—80% helium lift, seamlessly complemented by 20% aerodynamic lift. This unique fusion, coupled with flight characteristics akin to helicopters, not only ensures unparalleled lift capabilities but also affords Trident Airships exceptional maneuverability, making them a game-changer in cargo transportation and beyond.

Transport to even the most remote locations

Trident Airships redefine delivery precision with the capability to reach compact landing areas, including parking lots, facilitated by nine VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) mounted thrusters. Our virtual VTOL operation ensures seamless, adaptable maneuvering, showcasing Trident’s commitment to unparalleled accessibility and efficient cargo delivery in diverse environments. With the ability to land unassisted, without the need for expensive airport infrastructure, Trident Airships sets a new standard for flexible and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Solar-Powered Efficiency

Trident Airships product roadmap incorporates an optional cutting-edge solar panel hull to further maximize operational efficiency. With a design focused on maximizing surface area, our airships can harness the power of the sun, providing sustainable energy to enhance performance and reduce environmental impact during operations.

Versitile cargo bay solutions

Redefining cargo volume. Trident’s Hybrid Airships feature a colossal 40,000 cubic feet cargo bay with a lifting capability of 50 tons. Experience industry-leading cargo capacities, surpassing both trucks and air freighters in the transport of medium to low density cargos.


Transforming Logistics

Trident Airships revolutionize cargo transportation with unparalleled capacity. From remote construction sites to global bulk transport, our Hybrid Airships redefine efficiency, providing a versatile solution for diverse industries. With the potential to transform logistics, Trident Airships ensure seamless and cost-effective delivery of goods to customers worldwide.

Humanitarian Aid

Delivering a Mobile, Hybrid OR with Advanced Imaging Capabilities

Trident Airships revolutionize humanitarian aid by delivering advanced medical facilities to even the most remote regions. Our Hybrid Airships feature a spacious 4,000 square foot cargo bay, accommodating vital equipment like MRI machines and operating rooms.

Internal Cargo Bay

Equipped with essential medical facilities, including ORs and advanced imaging equipment, our airships ensure critical medical services can be provided on-site, regardless of infrastructure.


In addition to medical equipment, our airships transport pharmaceuticals, supplies, and food/water, making them indispensable in aid missions.


Our airships can land anywhere, eliminating the need for existing infrastructure and bringing medical assistance directly to those in need.

Mercy Ships performs exemplary humanitarian service in the use of ocean-going ships for the delivery of medical care; those interested in providing financial support for their efforts can find a link for donating here. Mercy Ships is not now, and has not committed to becoming a customer or investor in Trident Airships; the illustrations on this site are intended only to portray possible use cases for airships.

Projected Benefits

Extended Reach

Organizations like Mercy Ships can extend their missions to reach remote populations far from coastal areas.

Rapid Response

Fully staffed hospitals can be deployed to remote regions within hours, ensuring timely medical intervention.

Improved Healthcare Access

Advanced medical capabilities are delivered to regions with limited transportation infrastructure, improving healthcare access.

Reduced Travel Times

Drastically reducing travel times from days to hours enables faster response to medical emergencies.

Environmental Sustainability

With low CO2 emissions, our airships offer a sustainable alternative for delivering aid.

Global Recognition

Pioneering innovative aid delivery methods earns worldwide acclaim for organizations like Mercy Ships.

Join us in reimagining humanitarian aid delivery with Trident Airships. Together, we can make a lasting impact on global health.

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