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Trident Airships

The Future
Of Airship Transport

Revolutionize cargo transportation with Trident Airships, where cutting-edge technology  ensures significant reductions in operating costs and carbon emissions, while boasting an impressive lifting capability for substantial cargo capacity.

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Lower Operating Costs Compared to Trucks
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Lower Operating Costs Compared to Air Freighters

Discover unparalleled cost efficiency. Trident Hybrid Airships offer a remarkable 78% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional air freighters, ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable solution for cargo transportation.

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Reduction in CO2 emissions compared to Trucks
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Reduction in CO2 emissions compared to air freighters

Embrace eco-friendly transport. Trident Airships contribute to a greener future with a staggering 91% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to air freighters. Revolutionize cargo transportation while reducing your environmental footprint.

Efficient Point to Point Cargo Transport Replacement

TAS-1 Payload Volume Comparisons

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Lifting Capacity

Redefining cargo volume. Trident’s Hybrid Airships feature a colossal 40,000 cubic feet cargo bay with a lifting capability of 50 tons. Experience industry-leading cargo capacities, surpassing both trucks and air freighters in the transport of medium to low density cargos.

Explore the Cargo Bay

Delve into the boundless potential of our expansive cargo bay, unveiling versatile applications across cargo transport, medical logistics, and beyond. Experience how Trident Airships is transforming industries with innovative solutions for a multitude of vital purposes.


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