Our Story

Our Vision

Trident Airships will deliver industry transforming Hybrid Airship technology in a purpose designed next-generation air cargo vehicle. Our Hybrid Airships will evolutionize the High Value, Low Density (High Cube) segment of the cargo industry. Experience the seamless integration of tradition and innovation in every aspect of our airship design. Embody the spirit of progress and excellence as we continue to elevate the standards of airship engineering. Join us in shaping the future of aerospace engineering with Trident Airships.

Our Mission

Empowering global logistics, Trident Airships pioneers sustainable and efficient cargo transportation through advanced Hybrid Airship technology, revolutionizing industry standards and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Values

At Trident Airships, our values center on innovation, sustainability, integrity, efficiency, collaboration, customer focus, and safety. These principles drive our commitment to revolutionize cargo transportation with cutting-edge technology and unwavering excellence.

Trident’s Hybrid Airships will use proven technologies to deliver:

  • Unassisted Vertical Take Off and Landing in unimproved fields (or even on water)
  • Quiet Electric Propulsion for Reduced Fuel costs and a much smaller carbon footprint.
  • Advanced Digital Flight Controls managing external electric thrusters enabling exceptional maneuverability in all wind conditions.
  • Enhanced, Industry Leading Cargo Bays with Volume Capacities much larger than trucks and air freighters.
  • Reduced Operating Costs – 78% less than air freighters; 56% less than trucks
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions – 91% less than air freighters; 73% less than trucks

Trident will manufacture and operate these hybrid airships with lift capabilities of 50 – 500 Tons and ranges of 1,600 – 6,500 Nautical Miles.  Our technology roadmap supports the development of future Carbon Neutral hybrid airships.

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